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ADA is love for life, passion for the product and persistence for aesthetics.

Since 1977, when Takashi Amano designed the first CO2 aquarium system, ADA has launched revolutionary products yearly, making each product a new benchmark in the market.

ADA is a guarantee of excellence, practicality and exquisite design. ADA brand uniqueness are its originality, history and creative capacity.

Welcome to the world of ADA and Nature

Aquarium Goods

Takashi Amano

Takashi Amano, the undisputed master creator of the Nature Aquarium,  a philosophy to create beautiful natural underwater planted sceneries, origin of the aquascaping worldwide trend.


Versatile and exceptional visionary: his legacy in ADA position the brand as the world leader in original products for the creation and maintenance of planted aquariums.

Nature Aquarium

Nature Aquarium recreates the ecosystems found in nature within the aquarium, through the coexistence and synergies between flora -aquatic plants- and fauna -fish, shrimp, snails ... and microorganisms. A pairing that creates the natural biological balance that allows the creation and sustainable maintenance of beautiful underwater sceneries.

Origin is Nature

The origin of Nature Aquarium is nature. Nature must be comprehended and interpreted in order to create Nature Aquariums. For this purpose, it is essential to learn from nature in order to recreate it in all its complexity, beauty and naturalness.

Learning comes from observing and understanding nature, the main sources to learn from are our publications -Amano’s books, AquaJournals, Workshops…-  along with your personal experiences learnt from photography, trips, workshops, documentaries, literature, biology, zoology, diving ...

A learning that allows us to create beautiful, surprising and idyllic aquatic sceneries known as Nature Aquariums and Aquascaping.

Learn from nature to create nature


Takashi Amano created in 1995 the first planted aquarium contest: International Aqua-Plant Summit. To this end, he organized a committee with the largest national and international exponents of aquatic plants at ADA facilities. And it was in 2001, after the experience acquired in the first years, when it renewed the contest and its bases, renaming the contest as: IAPLC - International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest, with great projection and international impact thanks to the internet media and the IAPLC Booklets, annual publication with the compilation of the best works presented with juries comments.

Year after year, the IAPLC contest collects, bring together and publish the best underwater sceneries creations from the best aquascapers in the world.

We invite you to participate annually in the IAPLC contest and thus enjoy a new scenery every year in your aquarium. You will discover the fascinating world of the Nature Aquarium and its underwater sceneries techniques.

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