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Bio Rio

Bio Rio

SKU: 105-001
PriceFrom €16.90

Introducing BIO RIO, a natural volcanic rock filter media that elevates biological filtration to new heights. Experience superior biofilm protection, expansive bacterial growth surfaces, and optimal water quality.

  • BIO RIO is not just another filter media; it's a revolution in biological filtration. Sourced from natural volcanic rock, specifically pumice stone, this media provides an exceptionally large surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize. BIO RIO actively prevents biofilm shrinkage, contributing to a stable and balanced aquatic environment.

    The use of Japanese high quality pumice stone as a filter media carries inherent advantages. It is porous, lightweight, and provides a significant surface area, all of which make it highly effective in biological filtration systems. Pumice's porous structure allows for high water flow rates, which in turn maximizes the rate of beneficial bacteria colonization. This media can handle significant bacterial loads without getting clogged, maintaining high filtration performance.

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