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Sand Flattener

Sand Flattener

SKU: 106-060

The Sand Flattener is your essential tool for crafting the perfect substrate landscape. Designed for precision and ease, it transforms disorderly sand into a smooth and neat canvas, setting the stage for your aquatic masterpiece.

  • Elevate your aquascaping with the Sand Flattener, a uniquely tailored tool dedicated to helping you achieve that flawless substrate foundation for your aquatic habitat.


    Versatile Sculpting: Whether you're setting up a new aquatic environment or refining an existing one post-water change, the Sand Flattener's dual-ended design lets you address both large areas and intricate corners with finesse.


    Effortless Use: With its ergonomic design, the Sand Flattener feels natural in hand, allowing you to smooth and even out substrate with minimal effort.


    Durable and Sustainable: Crafted to ADA's high-quality standards, the Sand Flattener promises longevity, ensuring it remains a staple in your aquascaping toolkit for years to come.

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