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CO2 Pollen Glass

CO2 Pollen Glass

SKU: 102-101

The Pollen Glass for CO2 is a meticulously designed diffuser crafted for 60cm aquariums, ensuring efficient CO2 diffusion with its fine bubbles. With a minimalistic appearance, it seamlessly integrates into your aquascape without distraction, enabling optimal aquatic plant health through effective CO2 supply.

  • Achieving the right balance of CO2 in your aquarium is crucial for the photosynthesis and sustained growth of aquatic plants. The Pollen Glass for CO2, part of the POLLEN GLASS series, acts as a beacon of precision. With its ability to release tiny bubbles reminiscent of "pollen," it ensures uniform CO2 distribution across the tank.

    Crafted with simplicity and functionality in mind, the original model is a testament to minimalistic design, ensuring that nothing detracts from the beauty of your underwater world.

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