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Bacter 100 (100 g)

Bacter 100 (100 g)

SKU: 104-111

Unlock the full potential of your underwater haven with Bacter 100, a game-changing substrate additive packed with over 100 types of dormant, beneficial bacteria. From algae control to a healthier fish and shrimp population, Bacter 100 is the hidden champion of aquarium vitality.

  • Ever wonder what the secret is to those breathtaking, well-balanced aquariums that captivate the eye and soothe the soul? One key component is often overlooked: the microcosm beneath your aquarium's visible landscape. That's where Bacter 100 comes into play—a substrate additive rich in dormant microorganisms that works tirelessly behind the scenes to create an equilibrium in your aquatic world.

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