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The World’s Largest Contest

Share and Enjoy the Planted Layout Hobby
with the People All over the World

The “International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest (IAPLC)” is a world-class planted aquarium event launched at the start of the 21th century. Since its first Contest where a total of 557 entries from 19 countries were received, the IAPLC has been growing in terms of numbers of both entries and countries. Now it is surely the world’s largest aquarium contest with a total of more than 2,000 entries from over 60 countries across the globe. A major objective of IAPLC is for the hobbyists to share and enjoy their planted aquarium hobby with the people all over the world, instead of enjoying it as an individual fun activity. Join us and show your proud work to the world!

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IAPLC is Open for Everyone!

Take a photograph of your aquascape layout
and enter the Contest.

Access the official IAPLC website to find out the basic tutorials for photographing aquascapes. You can also learn how to take aquascape photographs from the Grand Prize winning layout in the previous year on the top page and the other past Grand Prize layouts on another page.

“Simple” Flowchart from Completion of
Aquasape Layout to Entry to IAPLC

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Enter the Contest on the IAPLC website *1

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Enter the Contest by
uploading or sending a photograph,
positive film or CD-R *2

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Entry is closed. Judging commences!

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The result is mailed to the residence of
each contestant.

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Published in the IAPLC Booklet! *3

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Looking forward to your entry
again next year.

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*1 Entry procedure is easy as just filling out the online entry form and specifying the image file of the layout.
*2 You are advised to scrape off the algae on the surface of glass, driftwood and stones with an appropriate tool before taking a photograph.
*3 Top winning entries up to the 2,000th place will be published in the IAPLC Booklet.

For more information on the entry guidelines and entry fee for the IAPLC, read the flyer distributed in the shop or visit the official IAPLC website.

For the entry to IAPLC, visit an
IAPLC Support Shop located across Europe.

The IAPLC Support Shops are increasing all over Europe. These shops provide aquarists with various supports, ranging from layout creation to the entry for the Contest. If you bring the photograph of your planted aquarium layout to the shop, you can enter the IAPLC on the spot. For more information, contact your nearest IAPLC Support Shop.

The entries will be published
in the IAPLC Booklet!

The winning entries up to 2000th place will be published in color in the IAPLC Booklet which will be released all over the world. The results of the Contest (world ranking) will be informed to the contestants by mail before the official announcement. This ranking will be published online worldwide. It will serve as an indication of your layout skills.

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