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Green Brighty Neutral K

Green Brighty Neutral K

SKU: 103-048
PriceFrom €13.90

Elevate your aquatic gardening with GREEN BRIGHTY NEUTRAL K. This targeted liquid potassium fertilizer nurtures plant vitality, enriches color, and ensures optimal health—all without affecting water chemistry.

  • Potassium is a macronutrient that plays a crucial role in several plant functions, from photosynthesis to nutrient uptake. When aquatic plants lack potassium, they struggle to grow and fend off algae. GREEN BRIGHTY NEUTRAL K is designed to bridge this gap, delivering essential potassium to sustain both the health and the aesthetics of your aquatic plants. Unlike other fertilizers, it won't impact pH or carbonate hardness (KH), making it perfect for sensitive aquatic ecosystems.

    Did you know that pH levels can affect your plants' ability to absorb nutrients? Or that KH serves as a buffer, maintaining a stable environment? GREEN BRIGHTY NEUTRAL K caters to these intricacies, creating a well-balanced habitat for your aquatic plants.

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