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SKU: 102-911

A potent detergent crafted to eliminate stubborn algae from glass items. Breathe life into your glassware, ensuring clarity and cleanliness in every corner.

  • Revel in the clarity of pristine glassware with Superge. This meticulously formulated detergent is your answer to the tenacious algae that tarnish the appearance of your beloved aquarium glass items. From CO2 diffusers like Pollen Glass to elegant inlets and outlets like the Lily Pipe, Superge works wonders in restoring their original gleam.

    Infused with powerful cleaning agents, Superge offers a gentle yet effective solution, ensuring your glassware remains unharmed while completely ridding them of any algae residue. Given the delicate nature of some glassware components, Superge acts with precision to prevent any damage, ensuring longevity and clarity.

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