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SKU: 105-804

The VUPPA-II, an evolution of the VUPPA-I stainless steel water surface extractor, introduces enhanced functionalities and streamlined maintenance, elevating the quality of your Nature Aquarium.

  • Elevate the vibrancy of your Nature Aquarium with the VUPPA-II, a state-of-the-art water surface extractor. Building on the solid foundation of its predecessor, VUPPA-I, the VUPPA-II is not just a step but a leap forward. It now houses an internal floating switch to smartly counteract cavitation from water level changes. Additionally, its component architecture has been simplified, ensuring easier maintenance without compromising efficiency. Just like its forerunner, the VUPPA-II stands out in its ability to effectively clear the water surface from unwanted oils, organic residues, and floating debris. Its sleek stainless housing not only promises durability but gracefully complements the aesthetic of any Nature Aquarium, emphasizing WIO's commitment to marrying functionality with art.

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