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Pro-Brush Hard

Pro-Brush Hard

SKU: 106-084

Pro-Brush Hard is an aquascaper's essential tool, expertly designed to tackle stubborn algae on driftwood and rocks. With its metallic bristles, it makes removing challenging black beard and coral-like algae a breeze. Opt between the regular and the Hard model based on your specific needs and layout materials.

  • In the world of aquascaping, beauty lies in the details. However, persistent algae can mar this beauty. With the Pro-Brush Hard, you have the perfect solution to ensure your aquascape remains pristine and vibrant.


    Unyielding Against Algae: The Pro-Brush Hard is equipped with metallic bristles specifically designed to target and eliminate stubborn black beard and coral-like algae that are often resistant to regular brushes.


    Crafted for Precision: The brush allows you to work with precision, ensuring that only the unwanted algae are removed while preserving the beauty of your driftwood and rocks.


    Versatility at Its Best: While the Hard model is perfect for those challenging algae types, you also have the option of choosing the regular model based on the specific needs of your layout materials.


    Durability You Can Trust: As part of ADA’s commitment to quality, the Pro-Brush Hard promises longevity, ensuring that you have a reliable tool by your side for all your aquascaping maintenance needs.

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