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Moss Cotton

Moss Cotton

SKU: 106-033

Introducing Moss Cotton, a uniquely crafted thread tailored for anchoring moss to driftwood. With its deep green shade, it discreetly complements the hues of Willow moss. As nature takes over and moss roots itself, Moss Cotton graciously biodegrades, leaving behind an unblemished aquascape. Each roll measures a generous 200m.

  • Every detail counts in the art of aquascaping, and Moss Cotton proves to be the perfect companion for those who cherish the natural touch. Designed with a deep appreciation for nature's aesthetics, this special thread is a must-have for any aquarist looking to seamlessly integrate moss into their underwater haven.


    Blend with Beauty: Colored to match the shade of Willow moss, Moss Cotton subtly weaves into your design, ensuring the spotlight remains on the moss and driftwood, not the ties that bind them.


    Nature's Cycle: Moss Cotton is biodegradable. Over time, as the moss firmly attaches to the driftwood, the cotton thread decomposes, staying true to nature's cycle.


    Generous Length: Each roll spans 200 meters, ensuring ample supply for multiple aquascaping projects, big or small.

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