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Lily Pipe V Inflow

Lily Pipe V Inflow

SKU: 102-4032
PriceFrom €109.90

The New Lily Pipe V (Inflow) features a straightforward design that packs in efficiency. Its glass structure with suction slits ensures that even in a frame-less tank, debris remains outside, giving you clear, beautiful waters.

  • A vision of simplicity and functionality, the New Lily Pipe V (Inflow) is tailored for frame-less aquariums, presenting an unobtrusive appearance while performing its duty effectively. Made of transparent glass, it discreetly complements any aquarium backdrop, ensuring the focus remains on your aquatic inhabitants and plants.

    One of the standout features of this pipe is its suction slits, meticulously designed to draw in water without easily taking in withered leaves and debris. This means fewer obstructions and a consistent flow rate. However, it's essential to occasionally check and clear the suction slits to maintain optimal performance.

    A masterclass in design and functionality, the New Lily Pipe V (Inflow) is the preferred choice for aquarists seeking both aesthetics and efficiency.

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