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CO2 Pollen Glass Large

CO2 Pollen Glass Large

SKU: 102-106
PriceFrom €119.90

The Pollen Glass Large is a sophisticated CO2 diffuser crafted to optimize CO2 diffusion in 60cm to 90cm aquariums. Boasting a unique J-shape design, it elegantly rests on the side panel of your aquarium, ensuring your plants receive the CO2 they require without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

  • For enthusiasts with larger aquariums or those cultivating sun plants that have a higher CO2 demand, achieving the right CO2 balance is paramount. The Pollen Glass Large, an extension of the renowned POLLEN GLASS series, offers a solution. Featuring a wider diffusion filter, this glass crafted diffuser ensures an even CO2 distribution, making it essential for underwater gardens with dense sun plants like Riccia.

    Its distinctive J-shape design, made entirely of glass, effortlessly merges functionality with artistry. While it's a marvel to look at, its true brilliance lies in its ability to maintain the delicate CO2 balance that vibrant aquatic plant life necessitates.

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