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Green Bacter Plus

Green Bacter Plus

SKU: 103-105

Unveil the untapped potential of your aquarium's biological filter with GREEN BACTER PLUS. This specialized plant supplement is designed to invigorate beneficial bacteria, aiding both new and established aquarium setups.

  • A thriving aquatic habitat isn't just about the plants and animals you can see; it's also about the invisible world of beneficial bacteria. These microscopic heroes break down waste and promote water clarity, playing a vital role in your aquarium's ecosystem.

    GREEN BACTER PLUS is a meticulously crafted supplement, principally composed of plant organic acids and minerals, designed to nourish and accelerate the growth of these beneficial bacteria.

    Whether your tank is in the initial cycling phase or you notice a decline in biofiltration efficiency, GREEN BACTER PLUS serves as the go-to solution. By fortifying these bacteria, it not only enhances water quality but also facilitates optimal biological filtration, creating a more stable and healthy environment for your aquatic life.

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