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Aqua Conditioner Clear Water (200 ml)

Aqua Conditioner Clear Water (200 ml)

SKU: 103-057
PriceFrom €14.90

Revitalize your aquarium with CLEAR WATER, the premium solution for eliminating cloudy and yellow water. Crafted to not only clear the water but also to inhibit algae growth, this is your ally for a pristine aquatic environment.

  • There's nothing more disappointing than an aquarium marred by cloudy or discolored water. CLEAR WATER Aqua Conditioner is designed to bring back the natural beauty of your aquatic space. Highly effective in eliminating cloudy and yellow water, this advanced formula also neutralizes phosphate levels, reducing the chances of unsightly algae growth. Ideal for newly set-up tanks, and for regular maintenance of established tanks, CLEAR WATER creates a vibrant, algae-free environment conducive for the flourishing of plants and aquatic life.

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