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Brighty K

Brighty K

SKU: 103-036
PriceFrom €13.90

Revitalize your underwater garden with ADA BRIGHTY K. This specialized liquid fertilizer not only supplements potassium but also stabilizes pH levels, perfect for areas with lower pH and KH in tap water.

  • Potassium is pivotal in various physiological processes within aquatic plants, such as photosynthesis, nutrient absorption, and cell elongation. ADA BRIGHTY K is engineered to keep your plants flourishing by delivering the crucial potassium they need. If your aquarium plants show signs of yellow or bleached leaves, that's a warning sign of potassium deficiency—something this fertilizer addresses efficiently.

    In addition, ADA BRIGHTY K goes a step further by enhancing the water's buffering capacity. Wondering what that means? A good buffering capacity helps maintain a stable pH level, preventing harmful fluctuations. This is especially beneficial for areas where the tap water naturally has a lower pH and KH levels.

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