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Wood Tight

Wood Tight

SKU: 106-034

Wood Tight is your ideal partner for anchoring ferns and Anubias to driftwood. Coated in vinyl, this brown wire discreetly blends into the aquarium, becoming virtually invisible. Designed for ease, once plants are rooted, the wire can be snipped away without hassle. Each roll stretches out to 10 meters.

  • Aquascaping is an art where every minor detail matters. With Wood Tight, you can create masterpieces effortlessly. Meticulously designed to support the aquarist, this vinyl-coated wire ensures your ferns and Anubias get the perfect grip on driftwood as they naturally root.


    Subtle Integration: The brown hue of Wood Tight has been chosen to seamlessly blend with the colors of driftwood and plants. This ensures that all attention remains on the beauty of the plants and not the support holding them.


    Gentle Yet Firm: While it firmly holds the plants, Wood Tight’s vinyl coating ensures it doesn't harm or restrict their growth. Your plants get the initial support they need without any compromise.

    User-Friendly: A testament to its design, once the plants have rooted to the driftwood, removing Wood Tight is a breeze. Just a quick snip with scissors, and it's done.


    Ample Length: With 10 meters on each roll, Wood Tight is ready to assist in numerous aquascaping projects, whether they're large setups or smaller, intricate designs.

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