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Tourmaline BC (100 g)

Tourmaline BC (100 g)

SKU: 104-113

Elevate your aquarium's vitality with Tourmaline BC—a unique blend of finely crushed tourmaline and bamboo charcoal that creates a nutrient-rich, vibrant underwater landscape.

  • Imagine an aquatic paradise where every plant and fish thrives in an environment imbued with life-giving properties. That vision comes to life with Tourmaline BC. This carefully crafted substrate additive unites the electric power of fine tourmaline particles with the purifying qualities of bamboo charcoal. Not just a substrate, but a heartbeat, Tourmaline BC enables a thriving, sustainable micro-ecosystem right within your aquarium. Enriched with minerals and designed to activate water, it's the magic dust that turns your nature space into an enchanting underwater haven.

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