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Super Jet Filter ES-600

Super Jet Filter ES-600

SKU: 105-711

Experience Enhanced Aquatic Purity with the Super Jet Filter ES Advanced Series

Introducing the Super Jet Filter ES Advanced Series, expertly tailored for the Nature Aquarium enthusiast. Whether you're nurturing an aquatic oasis or curating a community of aquatic flora and fauna, these filters are the epitome of performance and elegance (for freshwater aquariums only).

  • ES-600: Ideal for tanks ranging from W60 × D30 × H36cm to W60×D45×H36cm.ES-900: Precisely suited for W90×D45×H45cm tanks.ES-1200: Designed for W120×D50×H50cm tanks.ES-2400: Compatible with W150×D60×H60cm to W180×D60×H60cm tanks. For larger tanks, multiple filters ensure optimal performance.
    ・ES-2400 : W150×D60×H60cm tank - W180×D60×H60 tank (※Multiple filters are required for larger tanks)

    It adopts a specially developed magnetic drive pump, and with this, decreased water flow caused by clogged filtration media (manufacturer: IWAKI CO.,LTD.) is less likely to occur. Its structure with separated Pump and Canister enables to reduce the heat produced by the Pump and negative effect to filtration bacteria caused by the electromagnetic ray.

    The Canister made of stainless steel (SUS304) in a cylindrical form has eliminated excessive structure inside, so that its volume capacity can be utilized to the maximum extent.

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