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Riccia Stone (10 pcs.)

Riccia Stone (10 pcs.)

SKU: 106-031

Riccia Stone: A meticulously crafted layout accessory to effortlessly pave a carpet of Riccia or Willow moss, accentuating the substrate's natural allure.

  • Introducing the Riccia Stone, an innovation by ADA for nature lovers keen on creating a riveting underwater landscape. Designed with an inherent understanding of aquatic plant needs and aesthetics, this stone is your answer to achieving a lush green carpet of Riccia or Willow moss across your aquarium floor.

    Its unique flat shape not only ensures that the substrate is seamlessly paved but also complements its natural texture. The deliberate natural design of the Riccia Stone means it easily integrates with the substrate, making spreading and maintaining the moss uncomplicated. As the moss grows, the stone ensures it stays anchored, creating an undulating green landscape reminiscent of nature's most scenic meadows.

    Whether you're a hobbyist taking your first steps into aquascaping or a seasoned professional, the Riccia Stone is an essential tool in your arsenal, letting you recreate nature's magic underwater.

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