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Riccia Line

Riccia Line

SKU: 106-032

Elevate your aquascaping with Riccia Line, a specially designed thread perfect for anchoring Riccia and moss to stones and driftwood. With its subtle green hue, it seamlessly blends into your underwater nature space, ensuring the focus remains on your plants and not the fixtures.

  • Crafting an underwater garden can be a meticulous process. For moments when you require precision and subtlety, the Riccia Line emerges as an indispensable tool. Designed specifically for the aquarium hobbyist's needs, this thread is perfect for fixing delicate plants like Riccia and various mosses to hardscapes such as stones and driftwood.


    Blends with Nature: The Riccia Line boasts a gentle green color, carefully chosen to be almost invisible amidst the vibrant greens of your aquatic plants. This ensures an unobstructed, natural view of your aquascape.


    Versatility at Your Fingertips: While the Riccia Line excels in attaching Riccia, its utility doesn't stop there. Have moss that's proving stubborn to attach? This line has you covered. Its strength and color make it a go-to choice for securing a variety of plants to your chosen substrate.

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