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Pro-Scissors Spring

Pro-Scissors Spring

SKU: 106-070

Compact scissors optimized for detailed aquascaping tasks, including precise pruning of mosses and individual plants in smaller aquariums. Available in both straight and curve blade types.

  • The Pro-Scissors Spring series stands as a testament to ADA's dedication to providing superior aquascaping tools that combine function with finesse. These compact scissors are specifically designed for the meticulous care needed in smaller aquariums, proving invaluable when pruning Willow moss on driftwood or trimming individual plants such as Eleocharis acicularis and Echinodorus tenellus. With two blade types - straight for precise cuts and curve for nuanced shaping - these scissors ensure that aquarists achieve their desired aquascape effortlessly. Their unique design allows users to simply push the handles in to close the scissors, enhancing user safety and tool longevity. Like all ADA products, they embody the commitment to quality, sustainability, and the art and science of aquascaping.

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