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Phyton Git Plus

Phyton Git Plus

SKU: 103-109

Boost your aquatic plants' natural defenses against diseases and algae with PHYTON GIT PLUS. A blend of plant extracts and advanced antiseptic ingredients, this supplement safeguards your underwater garden and keeps it flourishing.

  • Aquatic plants, like all living organisms, are susceptible to diseases and unfavorable conditions. PHYTON GIT PLUS is your proactive measure to give your plants the shield they need. Comprising mainly plant extracts, this formula contains antiseptic components that augment the plants' natural ability to ward off diseases and boost their overall health.

    Enhanced with specialized active ingredients, PHYTON GIT PLUS not only improves disease resistance but also has potent antibacterial effects. It is particularly effective against aquatic fern diseases and inhibits the growth of pesky blue-green algae.

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