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Lily Pipe Spin

Lily Pipe Spin

SKU: 102-417
PriceFrom €89.90

Lily Pipe Spin is a loop-shaped outflow pipe that creates a soft water flow, perfect for small and planted aquariums. It offers easy installation without the need for suction cups and ensures a gentle circulation within the tank.

  • The Lily Pipe Spin is crafted with meticulous precision, bearing a unique loop-shaped outflow section. This design ensures that the water from external filters undergoes a decelerating circular motion within the loop, generating a mild water flow suitable for petite aquariums. The gentleness this provides is ideal for preserving the integrity of delicate plants and not disturbing aquatic life.

    Besides its functionality, the Lily Pipe Spin offers aesthetic benefits as well. Designed for elegance, its transparency seamlessly blends with the aquarium's backdrop. Additionally, the absence of suction cups means no additional distractions, making the focus solely on the aquarium's inhabitants.

    Particularly apt for planted aquariums, the Lily Pipe Spin hangs effortlessly on the aquarium without any intrusive attachments. The resulting gentle flow ensures that plants flourish and aquatic life remains undisturbed.

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