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Lily Pipe Mini Outflow

Lily Pipe Mini Outflow

SKU: 102-441
PriceFrom €77.90

Lily Pipe Mini Series, including Mini P (Outflow) and Mini V (Inflow), is custom-designed for small-sized aquarium tanks. These compact pipes create the perfect water flow for aquatic plant growth without unnecessary disturbances, all without the need for suction cups.

  • The charm of a smaller aquarium lies in its intricate details, and the Lily Pipe Mini Series ensures those details shine. Specifically crafted for tanks with a glass thickness of 5mm or less, these pipes are marvels of design and function combined.

    Both the Mini P (Outflow) and Mini V (Inflow) components of the series bear a minimalist, elegant design. They eliminate the need for suction cups, allowing for a clean, unobstructed view of your aquascape. Their compact nature ensures that while they remain a crucial part of your tank's ecosystem, they don't dominate the visual landscape.

    Beyond aesthetics, their functionality is unmatched for smaller tanks. They facilitate a water current ideal for nurturing aquatic plants. This gentle flow supports the growth and health of the plants while preserving the intricacy and beauty of your aquascape.

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