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La Plata Sand

La Plata Sand

SKU: 106-505
PriceFrom €14.90

La Plata Sand: a naturally luminous sand, ideal for both general and planted aquariums. Revel in the serene ambiance of a natural river bed and ensure an unaffected water quality.

  • Step into the serene realms of nature with La Plata Sand, a testament to the beauty of the natural world. Its inherent bright hue mirrors the pristine sands found along the banks of serene riverbeds, offering an unparalleled aesthetic to your aquarium. Beyond its beauty, La Plata Sand is as functional as it is picturesque. Whether you're setting up a general aquarium or sculpting a planted masterpiece, this sand provides the ideal backdrop without tampering with the water's quality. A perfect blend of beauty and functionality, La Plata Sand is every aquarist's dream come true.

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