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Green Gain Plus

Green Gain Plus

SKU: 103-107

Unlock the vitality and resilience of your aquatic plants with GREEN GAIN PLUS. Specially formulated with phytohormones, trace elements, and amino acids, this plant supplement revitalizes stressed or pruned plants and stimulates new bud growth.

  • Every plant encounters moments of stress—whether from pruning, changing water conditions, or other environmental factors. GREEN GAIN PLUS is your go-to solution to help plants rebound and thrive. Composed primarily of phytohormones derived from seaweed, trace elements, and amino acids, it nurtures aquatic plants back to health and prepares them for robust growth.

    Boron is one of the key ingredients that promotes the formation of new buds. By boosting the plant's own hormone balance and promoting cellular activity, GREEN GAIN PLUS enhances disease resistance, easing stress conditions and paving the way for lush, vigorous plant life in your aquarium.

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