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Green Brighty Nitrogen

Green Brighty Nitrogen

SKU: 103-045
PriceFrom €13.90

Breathe life into your aquatic greenery with GREEN BRIGHTY NITROGEN. This liquid fertilizer is a robust nitrogen supplement that not only enriches leaf color but also stimulates robust plant growth.

  • Nitrogen is a cornerstone nutrient, integral to the formation of amino acids and proteins in plants. It's particularly essential for the synthesis of chlorophyll, which plants use to convert light into energy. A nitrogen deficiency can result in weak, poorly growing plants with pale leaves. GREEN BRIGHTY NITROGEN is expertly formulated to meet this specific need, ensuring your underwater garden is lush, colorful, and vibrant.

    Why nitrogen? It's a building block for plant cells, critical for processes like photosynthesis and respiration. Beyond enhancing leaf colors, sufficient nitrogen levels boost plant resilience and overall health. Additionally, the product is phosphate-free, reducing the risk of unwanted algae growth.

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