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Green Brighty Mineral

Green Brighty Mineral

SKU: 103-039
PriceFrom €13.90

Enhance the vitality and colors of your aquatic garden with GREEN BRIGHTY MINERAL. This liquid fertilizer provides essential trace elements that promote healthy growth and vibrant pigment synthesis in aquatic plants.

  • Though they're called "trace" elements, don't underestimate their impact. These are vital nutrients like boron, manganese, and zinc that play a crucial role in plant development and coloration. When these trace elements are lacking, plants can suffer from stunted growth, poor leaf color, and hindered bud formation. GREEN BRIGHTY MINERAL is crafted to fill this nutritional gap, thereby ensuring that your aquatic plants not only survive but thrive.

    So why are trace elements important? They serve multiple functions—from being part of enzymes that help with plant metabolism, to aiding in the synthesis of pigments that give plants their rich, vibrant colors. With daily application of GREEN BRIGHTY MINERAL, your aquatic plants can reach their full growth and color potential.

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