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Green Brighty Iron

Green Brighty Iron

SKU: 103-042
PriceFrom €13.90

Unlock lush, vibrant hues in your underwater world with GREEN BRIGHTY IRON. This specialized liquid iron supplement catalyzes vigorous plant growth and boosts pigment synthesis—without disrupting your aquatic ecosystem.

  • Iron is an often-overlooked but crucial nutrient for thriving aquatic plants. It serves as a key component in chlorophyll production, which is integral for photosynthesis. A lack of iron can stunt plant growth and result in diminished color vibrancy. GREEN BRIGHTY IRON is formulated to meet this specific need, enriching your aquatic garden with the essential iron it requires for optimal growth and vivacious coloration.

    But why is iron so important? It's not just about color. Iron plays a role in several vital plant processes, including energy transfer, DNA synthesis, and nitrogen fixation. By using GREEN BRIGHTY IRON, you're not just enhancing your plants' beauty; you're bolstering their overall health.

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