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Glass Cover for Cube Garden

Glass Cover for Cube Garden

SKU: 102-513

Experience unobstructed views of your aquatic masterpiece with the Clear Glass Cover, crafted from the same high-quality transparent glass as Cube Garden. Designed for simplicity and elegance, this cover ensures protection while amplifying the beauty of your aquarium.

  • To keep the wonders of your aquatic world pristine and uninterrupted, ADA presents the Clear Glass Cover, meticulously crafted to fit the Cube Garden series. Made from the same transparent glass as Cube Garden, this cover promises clarity, strength, and durability.

    Unlike conventional covers, this glass marvel doesn’t compromise the beauty of your aquarium with feeding holes or notched corners. Instead, its sleek design seamlessly integrates with the Cube Garden, secured neatly using the supplied stainless-steel hooks. Depending on your tank size and preferences, you can choose between the single-piece D type or the multi-piece E type. The E type offers flexibility with multiple sections for broader tanks (3 pieces for W150, 4 pieces for W180).

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