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ECA Plus

ECA Plus

SKU: 103-111

Unlock vibrant colors and robust health for your aquatic plants with ECA PLUS. Specially formulated with plant organic acids and essential minerals, this supplement rejuvenates your underwater foliage like never before.

  • Give your aquatic plants the vibrant colors and vitality they deserve with ECA PLUS. Composed mainly of plant organic acids and the easily assimilated ferrous state of iron, this supplement is a game-changer for your planted aquarium.

    The advanced formula doesn't stop there; it also contains magnesium, a crucial element in the synthesis of photosynthetic pigments. Organic acids in the formula ensure efficient absorption of these minerals, noticeably improving the green and red colors of your aquatic plants.

    If you are dealing with chlorosis in new growth, ECA PLUS is your go-to treatment to restore plant health and vibrance.

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