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SKU: 152-201
PriceFrom €4.90

Elevate the ambiance of your aquatic world with the Wabi-Kusa Hanger. Crafted with precision from stainless steel, this hanger is a nod to artistry and functionality. By bringing plants closer to the water's surface, it introduces a novel way to showcase emersed plants within the confines of an aquarium, creating an aquatic tableau that's both refreshing and unique.

  • The Wabi-Kusa Hanger, a creation by DOOA, is a revolutionary accessory that makes it seamless to bring your aquatic plants nearer to the water surface. This allows them to grow in their emersed form, showcasing a unique side of their beauty. Made with robust stainless steel, this hanger promises durability without compromising the ecosystem of your aquarium. Tailored specifically to accommodate Wabi-Kusa Balls, it adds an artistic twist to your aquatic landscape.

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