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DOOA Tropical River Soil 2 Liter

DOOA Tropical River Soil 2 Liter

SKU: 157-001

Unveil the mystique of tropical waters right within your living space. DOOA's Tropical River Soil offers a vibrant red-brown substrate, expertly engineered to create a natural, tropical aquatic ambiance, fostering a slightly acidic environment preferred by many tropical aquatic inhabitants.

  • Recreate the aura of a serene tropical riverbed with DOOA's Tropical River Soil. More than just a decorative layer, this substrate works diligently beneath the surface. It delicately lowers the pH value, creating a slightly acidic environment that's beneficial for many tropical plants and fish.

    The captivating red-brown hue of the Tropical River Soil sets it apart. This colour, reminiscent of the sun-kissed riverbanks of tropical locales, adds depth and vibrancy to your aquarium. Its unique composition, featuring varying grain sizes, contributes to a textured, natural look, inviting glimpses of the wild into your home.

    Being a natural product, DOOA ensures that the Tropical River Soil remains unblemished by chemicals. While traces of dry plant parts or gravel might be present, these are entirely harmless and won't compromise water quality or aquatic life.

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