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DOOA Terra Tape

DOOA Terra Tape

SKU: 156-202

Presenting Terra Tape – the perfect companion for your driftwood, expertly designed to provide a moist environment for the flourishing of epiphytes such as moss. This self-adhesive, water-retentive tape ensures that the natural beauty of your aqua terrarium or paludarium remains vibrant and thriving.

  • Terra Tape: A harmonious blend of functionality and artistry.

    Crafted with care, the Terra Tape is an innovative product engineered for those passionate about nature's intricate wonders. It understands the unique needs of epiphytes, especially moss, that require a certain level of moisture to grow optimally. When wrapped around driftwood, it retains water, preventing the wood from drying out and providing a conducive environment for moss to prosper.

    Application is an art form in itself – wrap the Terra Tape around your choice driftwood piece, ensuring one end remains immersed in water. This guarantees a constant supply of moisture. Then, lovingly place moss or other epiphytes atop the tape in areas above the water. Witness as nature takes its course, gracing your aqua terrarium or paludarium with lush growth and verdant beauty.

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