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DOOA Terra Plate

DOOA Terra Plate

SKU: 152-651

A ceramic plate crafted for epiphytes, offering optimal humidity control and an ideal environment for growth, featuring a textured surface and breathability-enhancing ditch.

  • Elevate your garden spaces with ADA's Terra Plate - the ideal home for epiphytes. Made from the same exceptional material as Terra Base, this ceramic plate has been meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of plants like small epiphytic orchids and Tillandsia. Its textured surface not only provides a natural and artistic aesthetic but also promotes easy attachment for epiphytes, ensuring they thrive. The Terra Plate's high absorbency ensures humidity control is at its best, offering a lush environment for optimal growth. Furthermore, the thoughtful inclusion of a ditch on its underside guarantees breathability, ensuring your plants receive ample air circulation even when the plate is placed flat.

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