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DOOA Terra Line

DOOA Terra Line

SKU: 156-201

Unveiling Terra Line – the art of securely attaching nature's wonders to driftwood. This special thread, designed with resilience in mind, binds epiphytic orchids and other plants firmly to driftwood, regardless of the watery conditions. Embrace stability and elegance, all with the Terra Line.

  • In the world of aqua terrariums and paludariums, ensuring plants are firmly attached is crucial. But what happens when the plant struggles to root, or when time is not a luxury? Enter Terra Line, an exquisite blend of nature's aesthetic and human ingenuity. Made from robust synthetic fibers, this thread resists melting and breakage, even submerged.

    Whether you're securing an epiphytic orchid with delicate roots or a plant that demands time to anchor itself, Terra Line offers an unparalleled grip.

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