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DOOA TERRA Inflow Pipe

DOOA TERRA Inflow Pipe

SKU: 152-301

Witness seamless integration between design and functionality with the TERRA Inflow Pipe. Skillfully crafted by DOOA, this acrylic pipe combines adaptability with the precision of fine craftsmanship. It's your perfect companion for versatile aquascaping endeavors.

  • Introducing the TERRA Inflow Pipe – A Blend of Versatility and Precision by DOOA.

    The essence of nature lies in its ability to adapt, and with the TERRA Inflow Pipe, your aquarium can emulate this natural wonder. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this acrylic inflow seamlessly merges with external filter systems, providing a consistent and harmonious flow of water.

    Its standout feature is the adjustable height, allowing it to cater to diverse aquarium dimensions and varying water levels. While it finds its perfect match in Wabi-Kusa Wall 60, Neo Glass Terra 23, and Neo Glass Terra 36, its versatility ensures it plays well with a plethora of aquascaping setups.

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