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DOOA Terra Base

DOOA Terra Base

SKU: 152-600
PriceFrom €27.90

A pottery-mode cylindrical base designed for cultivating small orchids, ferns, and moss in an environment closely resembling their natural habitat.

  • The Terra Base by DOOA is the epitome of mimicking nature in the confines of your space. Sculpted to provide a habitat reminiscent of the tree trunks in rainforests, this pottery-mode cylindrical base facilitates the growth of small orchids, ferns, and moss, replicating their native environment. When water is filled within, it seeps out gradually, lowering the surface temperature through the heat of vaporization. This mechanism creates an optimal cool and humid environment that is ideal for epiphytic plants. Proudly reflecting DOOA's commitment to innovative solutions and sustainability, the Terra Base comes in a variety of sizes to cater to different plant needs and spaces.

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