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DOOA System TERRA 30 (w/out USB Power Adapter)

DOOA System TERRA 30 (w/out USB Power Adapter)

SKU: 151-004

Unveil a slice of the jungle in your living space with the System Terra 30 by DOOA. A premium terrarium that perfectly blends aesthetic design and top-notch technology, fostering a thriving habitat for plants, mosses, and perennials.

  • Elevate your home's ambiance with the System Terra 30 by DOOA, a terrarium that effortlessly echoes the enchantment of the wilderness. With a seamless integration of design and function, the System Terra 30 stands as a testament to what's possible when art meets science.

    At the heart of its design is the rear wall, an artist's canvas waiting to be adorned with mosses and perennial plants. As water cascades down, it ensures these plants receive optimal moisture, replicating the nourishing rainfalls of the jungle. This feature, paired with the terrarium's substantial filter chamber, guarantees not just a visual spectacle but also a balanced ecosystem. The chamber acts as a haven for beneficial microorganisms, ensuring pristine water quality and a thriving environment.

    Practicality meets sophistication, as evidenced by a discreet side opening, allowing you to infuse CO2 seamlessly. Say goodbye to unsightly hoses disrupting your terrarium's visual flow.

    Dimensions: W30×D30×H40 cm
    Approximate Water Volume: 10L

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