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DOOA System AQUA 30 (w/out USB Power Adapter)

DOOA System AQUA 30 (w/out USB Power Adapter)

SKU: 151-003

Introducing the System Aqua 30 by DOOA – a pinnacle of aquatic elegance. Marrying advanced technology with high-quality design, this aquarium promises to be a centrepiece in any living space.

  • Experience the captivating allure of aquatic life with the System Aqua 30 by DOOA. Crafted for enthusiasts who seek a blend of form and function, this aquarium offers more than just a habitat for aquatic beings; it's a statement piece.

    Central to its design is the spacious filter box. Engineered not just for stellar filtration, this chamber has ample room to harbor beneficial microorganisms, essential players in maintaining a balanced aquatic environment. The result? Crystal-clear water that ensures your aquatic inhabitants thrive and provides unobstructed views of their daily activities.

    Ease of use is integral to its design. The integrated pump system is powered via a USB Type-A plug, giving users the flexibility to power the aquarium using various power sources. Notably, a power supply unit isn't bundled in the package. When procuring one, ensure it meets the stipulated specs of 5V/1A.

    Dimensions: L300 x W300 x H300 mm
    Glass Thickness: 5 mm
    Capacity: 27L

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