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DOOA Suction cup clip (2pcs./set)

DOOA Suction cup clip (2pcs./set)

SKU: 152-305

Crafted with precision, the Suction Cup Clip is the ultimate accessory for aquatic enthusiasts. Engineered to ensure a secure attachment of hoses and pipes to the aquarium walls, these clips bring efficiency and elegance in one package.

  • As every aquascaper knows, the beauty of an aquatic setup lies in its details. The Suction Cup Clip by DOOA embodies this philosophy. Designed meticulously for pipes and hoses with a diameter of 13 mm, this clip guarantees a firm grip while keeping your setup neat and orderly. The transparent design merges seamlessly with the aquarium, ensuring that your aquatic masterpieces remain uninterrupted in their splendor.

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