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DOOA Stream Pipe ARC

DOOA Stream Pipe ARC

SKU: 155-101
PriceFrom €49.90

Elevate your aquarium's aesthetics and functionality with the Stream Pipe ARC. Crafted from high-quality glass, it seamlessly integrates water outflow, creating a natural current without the need for suction cups.

  • The STREAM PIPE ARC is not just an outflow pipe—it's a fusion of form and function. This glass-made outflow pipe, tailored for the Super Jet Filter, boasts a design that not only complements the serene beauty of your aquarium but also enhances its ecosystem by providing a subtle downward water stream. This gentle current helps in mimicking a more natural environment for aquatic life.

    Crafted with precision, its high-quality glass construction ensures clarity and durability while remaining discreet in the aquarium setup. The appealing design comes devoid of the usual distractions like visible suction cups; instead, it hangs gracefully over the aquarium's edge, seamlessly merging with the aquascape.

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