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DOOA Stream Pipe V

DOOA Stream Pipe V

SKU: 155-201
PriceFrom €64.90

Introducing the DOOA Stream Pipe V, a masterfully crafted glass inflow pipe designed specifically for NO GLASS TERRA. Melding form with function, it eliminates the need for suction cups, ensuring an unblemished aquarium view.

  • The DOOA Stream Pipe V is an epitome of elegant design and practicality. Specially developed for the NO GLASS TERRA, this inflow pipe stands out with its intriguing design that promises not only aesthetic beauty but also high functionality.

    Crafted from high-quality glass, the Stream Pipe V is built to last while maintaining its clear and pristine appearance over time. Its transparency ensures it blends seamlessly with the aquatic environment, minimizing visual distractions and allowing the beauty of the aquascape to shine through.

    The hallmark of this pipe is its ability to be securely placed without the need for suction cups. This thoughtful feature keeps unsightly suction cup marks at bay, providing a clean and uninterrupted view of your aquatic haven.

    Designed as an inflow for external filters, it ensures optimal water flow, maintaining a balanced ecosystem within your aquarium. Its sleek design not only complements open-top aquariums but also maximizes space, making it a favorite among aquascaping enthusiasts.

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