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DOOA Protector F

DOOA Protector F

SKU: 152-303

Crafted with meticulous precision, Protector F serves as a guardian for your aquatic life. Made from pristine acrylic, this safeguard ensures that your fish remain within the boundaries of their beautiful habitat, avoiding any untimely leaps.

  • Elegance and purpose converge in the Protector F. Engineered specifically for the System Aqua 30 and System Terra 30, this safeguard offers peace of mind, ensuring that your aquatic pets remain safely inside their home. Its design complements the aquarium's aesthetics, adhering seamlessly to the top of the front glass. Crafted with impeccable workmanship, the Protector F is virtually invisible, ensuring the beauty of your aquascape remains uninterrupted.

    • Ultimate Protection: Keeps adventurous fish and shrimp safely inside the aquarium, preventing unexpected leaps.
    • Flawless Craftsmanship: Made with superior quality that guarantees longevity and an almost invisible presence.
    • Tailored Fit: Exclusively designed for the System Terra 30 and System Aqua 30, ensuring a snug fit and seamless integration.
    • Pristine Acrylic Material: Provides both strength and transparency, ensuring safety without compromising on aesthetics.
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