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SKU: 152-320

Embark on a pristine journey with the Paluda Clean PC. Expertly designed to rid your paludarium water of dissolved calcium and magnesium, this powerful tool ensures clarity and elegance. With the help of cation exchange resin, it promises to maintain the immaculate beauty of your glass surfaces, free from water scale. Whether incorporated within the System Paluda series or used separately for spraying, this product is a testament to excellence and efficiency.

  • Paluda Clean PC by DOOA is an innovative solution tailored to elevate the purity of your paludarium water. This nifty pack, brimming with 50 ml of cation exchange resin, diligently works to extract dissolved calcium and magnesium from your water. In doing so, it mitigates the risk of unsightly white stains or limescale forming on the paludarium's glass pane. Beyond its primary function in the paludarium, the Paluda Clean PC showcases its versatility. When used in a separate container, it effectively pre-treats water, rendering it soft and ideal for spraying your cherished epiphytes.

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