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DOOA Neo Glass TERRA H23

DOOA Neo Glass TERRA H23

SKU: 151-101

Unveiling the NEO GLASS TERRA H23 - an expertly crafted aquarium tank, purposefully designed to immerse enthusiasts in the captivating world of aquaterrariums.

  • The NEO GLASS TERRA H23 brings the wonders of both water and earth into harmony, providing a canvas for hobbyists to construct enthralling aquaterrariums. With its clear, durable design, this tank serves as the ideal backdrop for both underwater and emersed plant life. Compatible with WABI-KUSA WALL 60 and WABI-KUSA HANGER, this tank offers flexibility for those keen to explore different aquascaping setups. Whether you're an amateur looking for an easy start or an expert seeking a top-tier tank, the NEO GLASS TERRA H23 stands as a testament to quality, elegance, and innovation.

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