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DOOA Neo Glass Paluda

DOOA Neo Glass Paluda

SKU: 151-405

The Neo Glass Paluda series offers minimalist, yet meticulously designed paludarium tanks, catering to the needs of tropical rainforest plants.

  • Elevate your indoor gardening experience with the Neo Glass Paluda series. Designed to encapsulate the lush beauty of the tropical rainforest in a minimalist setting, these tanks serve as the perfect canvas for your botanical creations.

    Ease of access is paramount with the Neo Glass Paluda tanks. Whether you choose the 30 cm model with its single swing door or the more expansive 60 cm model featuring a double door structure, you'll benefit from the sliding top front glass panel that ensures hassle-free planting and maintenance.

    While the minimalist design captures attention, the tank's functional capabilities further amplify its appeal. The optional Circulation Fan 40 (sold separately) can be affixed to a fan mounting hole situated on the tank's side, facilitating optimal air circulation. This feature not only fosters a thriving environment for your plants but also gives you control over the tank's intake and outtake of air, ensuring a balanced, healthy ecosystem.

    It's worth noting that the Neo Glass Paluda's offering is centered around the tank itself, giving you the liberty to customize the rest of your setup according to individual preferences.


    • NO GLASS PALUDA 30: Suitable for spaces needing a compact yet impactful paludarium.
    • NO GLASS PALUDA 60: A larger counterpart, ideal for more expansive setups.
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