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DOOA Neo Glass Cover

DOOA Neo Glass Cover

SKU: 152-307
PriceFrom €4.90

Elegant and crystal-clear, the Neo Glass Cover is expertly designed to maintain and regulate humidity within the Neo Glass Air Series, ensuring an optimal environment for your cherished plants.

  • The Neo Glass Cover for the Neo Glass Air Series seamlessly marries form with function, serving as a testament to DOOA’s commitment to quality and precision. Crafted from ultra-clear glass, this cover allows for unobstructed views of your verdant oasis while effectively preserving its delicate microclimate.

    By preventing excessive water loss and maintaining ideal humidity levels, the Neo Glass Cover ensures your plants continue to thrive. Whether it’s the tiniest moss or a stunning fern, this cover keeps them shielded and happy.

    Available in three sizes—15x15, 20x20, and 30x30 cm—it is perfectly tailored to fit the Neo Glass Air Series. Its impeccable clarity not only puts your plants on full display but also complements the aesthetic of any space, reinforcing the idea that functionality can coexist with beauty.

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