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DOOA Mistflow Cap

DOOA Mistflow Cap

SKU: 152-506

Introducing the Mistflow Cap - a thoughtfully designed accessory to enhance your Mistflow experience. Engineered to contain splashes and let you relish the tranquillity of Aqua Terrariums without disturbance, it's the added touch to your DOOA Neo Glass Terra tanks that makes all the difference.

  • Crafted to be a seamless addition to the DOOA Mistflow, the Mistflow Cap ensures that the mesmerizing steam generated by the ultrasonic mist generator is free from upward water splashes. While the Mistflow brings a serene ambience to your environment, the Mistflow Cap makes sure the experience remains undisturbed, letting you immerse in the beauty of your Aqua Terrariums without any interruptions.

    Please note, while the Mistflow Cap is a brilliant accessory for the DOOA Mistflow, it's not designed to be compatible with the Mizukusa Mist Wall products.

    • Efficient Splash Prevention: Thoughtfully designed to contain water splashes that may rise from the Mistflow, ensuring a smooth and unobstructed mist experience.
    • Purpose-Built: Exclusively tailored for the DOOA Mistflow, ensuring perfect fit and optimal performance.
    • Enhanced Aesthetic: The Cap not only serves a functional role but also seamlessly integrates into the overall look of the Aqua Terrarium setup.
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